Security and access control are paramount in industrial and commercial enterprises. To make easy access and manage security simultaneously, sectional doors are indispensable assets.

We offer access equipment and sectional doors in Lebanon, providing easy access while also keeping things secure. Our dock shelters help create a tight seal between the inside and outside, which can save energy. We make our door panels resistant to rust and warping by using high- quality materials so they last a long time. Additionally, Our electro-hydraulic dock leveller has a part that can extend, and hydraulic systems power it.

All of these equipments are designed to make sure industries and businesses can stay secure, work efficiently, and save energy.

Sectional Doors - Farjallah

Loading Systems ensure that our door panels are protected against corrosion and warping. By selecting the highest choice of materials we can guarantee the longest possible product life span.

Dock Levellers - Farjallah

The Loading Systems dock leveler is an Electro-Hydraulic dock leveler with an extendable Hinged or sliding lip. Both the platform and lip are hydraulically driven. In compliance with EN 1398.

Dock Shelter - Farjallah

Loading Systems dock shelters are manufactured to provide optimum stability and durability. Dock shelters provide an optimum seal between the internal and external environments, and assist with the reduction of energy consumption.