The unit delivers excellent coverage with a wide distribution of air, making it ideal for use in large spaces. We have a variety of series including Compact models offers the convenience of being spacing saving yet powerful and Round Flow models that deliver air in 360º directions.

Floor type with compact and slim design is suitable for installation in both residential and commercial. The deflectors intelligently direct cold air up and hot air down, setting the perfect temperature quickly and efficiently, and without blowing air directly at people.

The main unit of this type offering the most discreet air conditioning. We have Mini Duct and variable Static Pressure Duct models that allows convenient installation in narrow spaces in beams or above the ceiling. The Variable Static Pressure Duct models guarantee maximum comfort in the large space. The outdoor unit’s air inlet and outlet can be routed through the rear or bottom of the unit, easily adapting to the structure of the building and room.

Two types of installation method – floor installation and ceiling installation – can be selected. This model has a compact design and streamline appearance, making them easy-to-match to various installation conditions.