Insulation is a fundamental aspect of industries and mechanical engineering, bringing a wide range of advantages. It can make your systems more energy-efficient, reduce noise, shield equipment from the elements, and even help equipment last longer.

At Farjallah Holding S.A.L., we provide a comprehensive range of insulation products, delivering top-quality solutions for all your mechanical systems. As a top provider of solutions for insulation in Lebanon, We place a strong focus on quality and sustainability, ensuring that our insulation not only improves your system's performance but also saves you money and fosters a safer working environment.

Our insulation products are sourced from Thermobreak, a leading and highly innovative flexible thermal and acoustic insulation brand serving the HVAC, Building, and Transport Industries. Our product offerings for insulation in Lebanon include:

Aluminium foil-faced insulation for ducts and pipes - Farjallah

Physically crossed-linked polyolefin aluminium foil-faced insulation for ducts and pipes.

No Clad Insulation - Farjallah

Pre-Cladded external insulation with strong reinforcement, UV and Chemical resistance coating.

Acoustic Insulation - Farjallah

new generation of physically cross-linked polyolefin foam based (Fiber free) duct liner supplied with reinforced aluminium foil face and pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

Thermaloc Pipe Support - Farjallah

Thermobreak® THERMALOC is a lightweight and extremely tough closed cell polyethylene foam pipe support.

Acoustic Pipe Lagging - Farjallah

High-performance composite acoustic wrap product developed to reduce noise.

Thermobreak Acoustibox - Farjallah

Thermobreak® Acoustic box – stand-alone (3 in 1) cushion head and plenum boxes thermally and acoustically insulated without the need for heavy steel.

Silent Shield Underlay Screed - Farjallah

Underlay for acoustic & thermal insulation in screed floor system.

Roof Insulation - Farjallah

Softlon Sheet for direct lamination or purlin installation for heat insulation, condensation prevention and noise proofing.

Sound Absorbers - Farjallah

REAPOR – Hard, light weight, fiber free non combustible stone looking sound and noise absorbing panels made from small aerated granues of recycled glass and applicable for indoors and outdoor use.

Acoustic Lagging - Farjallah

Aluminum foil-faced mass-loaded Vinyl laminated to a doucoupling layer, light weightnon-combustible glass wool to control noise outbreak on waste water pipes hydraulic pipes, compressor, pumps wraps HVAC and fan housing.