Danfoss AB-QM, a high performing control valve with a – still – unique valve authority of 100%. The design flow can easily be set to the needed amount by using a 20-100% scale. Simply setting the design flow replaces traditional commissioning processes, gives a much more accurate control, and avoids Kv calculations for system designers.

Danfoss 2-way and 3-way motorized control valves provide a quality, cost effective solution for most water and chilled applications combined with Danfoss electrical actuators offer possibilities for advanced setup to select control signal, performance characteristics and an option for self-adjustment and control signal stability monitoring.

Manual balancing valves, the best option for constant flow systems ensuring the design flows in the different parts of the system are correct. Once installed, they can be commissioned and set to the design flow without the risk that flows will change due to partial load conditions.

Multifunctional Thermostatic circulation valves for establishing safe and energy saving domestic hot water systems to ensure hydronic balance, short waiting times, water & energy savings and reduce the risk of legionella in tap and drinking water.

Danfoss Sono® compact energy meters offer both primary side and secondary side meters for heating as well as cooling applications. They are high quality, ultrasonic meters for the highest accuracy and longest lifetime values for use in residential and commercial building applications.

Differential pressure controls is the key to eliminating pressure variations and providing control valves, house stations with lower and stable differential pressure protecting the system against pressure surges, fluctuations, cavitation and noise.