Hybrid-Twin Output has dual outputs for smart load management and a wide PV input voltage range of 90VDC to 450VDC. It features status indication with RGB lights, built-in Wi-Fi for mobile monitoring, and a reserved communication port for BMS. It also supports USB On-the-Go function, has a replaceable fan design for ease of maintenance, and is battery independent. It can operate in parallel with up to 6 units and has built-in anti-dust kit and DC output for fan, bulb, and router.

The Full Hybrid - ON/OFF Grid system offers self-consumption and feed-in to the grid, has programmable supply priority, and user-adjustable battery charging current. It has programmable operation modes, a built-in timer, and supports multiple communication options. It features monitoring software, custom-made firmware, and can operate in parallel for up to 6 units of 15KW each.