We make our products from various fabric types of different colors. We offer solutions for every situation that always correspond to demanding customer requirements.

Are you worried about an uneven climate in a room or draft that bothers your employees? Are you looking for an optimal air distribution solution in industrial plants, supermarkets or public buildings? Fabric diffusers are an ideal choice for you.

As a company PRIHODA s.r.o. places tremendous importance on the quality of the materials used. In every case we use specially developed materials that have been subjected to extensive development testing.

We are experts in airflow in ducting and in the space. We have introduced several technical innovations and improvements on the market. We are the owners of several patents (hereinafter referred to as “PP” or “Patent Prihoda“).

All our ducting & diffusers are made from high quality and highly resistant materials without natural fiber additives. The material used is specified within the technical description of your order.

This is not a short term solution. Diffusers made from good quality fabrics will last for fifteen years or longer.

We offer a solution for every situation. Everything is tested by our highly qualified team of developers in a modern testing chamber. We customize all of our work and we will be happy to satisfy all of your requirements.