Ice Bank Cooling System

The “ice bank” cooling system consists of stainless steel coils immersed in a reservoir full of water. The coil containing the refrigerant gas freezes the water contained within the reservoir producing a cold supply, which in turn cools the water flowing through the AISI 316 stainless steel reservoir. In this way the water cooler offers greater performance and in particular it ensures the hygiene and quality of the water which is continuously flowing and never still in the reservoir. Recently, Iceberg refrigeration systems, has completely redesigned its ice bank features offering enhanced efficiency and performance. The new design allows for space optimization and an increase in the thermal exchange surface, so as to increase the production of ice within the reservoir and hence,
the cooling capacity.

MTH Hinged & Sliding Doors

FTC has the reputation for production of the most reliable custom made cold stores doors, using exclusively, MTH Italian parts & accessories. Our engineers are trained to find the most suitable product for your application, whether being a sliding door or a hinged door for the low or high temperature cold store. The door can be supplied in a “Standard” type with plastified metal sheet covering or with stainless steel covering.

Water Cooled Condensing Units

Designed with Alfa Laval’s shell and tube condensers, our water cooled condensing units represent the optimal solution for all the applications where HFC condensation is required.

Air Cooled Condensing Units

We offer the broadest, most reliable condensing units product line in Lebanon, leveraging the latest European compressors and components. Our engineers at FTC constitute the perfect platform for a custom made product, giving you the option for the refrigerant, horsepower, and application temperature combinations that meet your requirements.
As well as offering a wide selection of controls, our customized condensing units can integrate pre-mounted kits ready for installation that make your job easier and smoother.

Compact Silent Condensing Units

Up to 5hp compact outdoor condensing units have been designed by our engineers.
Two versions have been created:
– A low sound sophisticated unit suitable for restaurants and mini supermarkets where design and look matter as much as quality and reliability.
– An economical standard version suitable for areas where low sound requirements do not apply.