Unit Coolers

Friga-Bohn proposes over a hundred refrigeration solutions for cold rooms, conform to the most stringent standards: -Light Cubic
-Double flux
-Blast Freezer

Fluid Coolers

Friga-Bohn has hundreds of models, created through a modular design and variety of fan sizes, and offering a greater range of solutions and capacities ranging from
27 to 5000 kW.


The newest Sondex line of products includes brazed, semi-welded and all welded plate heat exchangers.
While typical plate heat exchanger applications include:
-District heating / tap water
-Solar heating & air conditioning units
-Heating pumps & heat recovery units
-Engine cooling
-Food processing

Semi Hermetic & Scroll Racks

• Friga Bohn presents Racks composed in standard:
– MOPSH model with 2 to 5 semi-hermetic compressors
– MOSC model with 5 and 6 Scroll compressors.
• Supplied non-wired, wired or with a complete switching enclosure.
• Rack adapted for use in sites with difficult access.
• Low width 800 to 1,000 mm.
• Liquid station delivered separately.
• Painted, U-profile, monoblock frame to eliminate vibrations.

eCO2Boost XS

CO2 SPLIT SYSTEM: The Perfect Combination Of Installation And Energy Efficiency